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Arena X-Sight 2 Adult Swimming Mask


X-SIGHT 2 is a lightweight, hydrodynamic swim mask. Larger than goggles, swim masks are a comfortable alternative for training. This design seals the face and sits perfectly on the nose.

The hard polycarbonate lenses ensure a crystal clear view and resistance to impact. Anti-fog treated plus UV protection, swim uninterrupted with this watertight mask.

We like its assertive look and recommend it for triathlon training. Adjust the split strap for your best fit.

Mockups are provided for illustration purposes only, and final products may differ.

XBlades Apparel Sizing - Men's

 Size Chest Waist
S 96-101cm 81-86cm
M 101-106cm 86-91cm
L 106-111cm 91-96cm
XL 111-116cm 96-101cm


XBlades Apparel Sizing - Women's

 Size Chest Waist
8 81-86cm 66-71cm
10 86-91cm 71-76cm
12 91-96cm 76-81cm
14 96-101cm 81-86cm


 AS Colour Sizing - Unisex